US Economy Slowing Like Biden, Down To 1.7% (According To Hot ‘Lanta Fed), Mortgage Payment As % Of Income Near Highest Since Early 1980s

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by confoundedinterest17

Hot ‘Lanta! Or perhaps COLD ‘Lanta! And despite what Biden says, thiere isn’t an economic revival.

Yes. everyone can see the mental decline in President Biden and he should be in a nursing home. While he vows to run for President against Donald Trump, can you imagine what he will be like in 2 years? Let alone another 4 years??

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Speaking of decline, GDP growth estimates are plummeting: The most recent Atlanta Fed estimate for real US GDP quarterly growth in Q2 2024 is down to 1.7%.

This estimate is down from 4.2% seen in mid-May and from 2.2% seen on June 28th.
If this estimate turns out to be correct it will be the 2nd consecutive quarter of GDP growth below 2.0% after Q1 2024 GDP of 1.4%.

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Housing hasn’t slowed across the board … yet. But with mortgage payments as % of income near the highest since the early 1980’s, it will eventually slow down.

There is only one way out. CEASE Bidenomics and the crazy spending and debt and deficits!

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