Goldman Sachs Signals 98% Historical Risk of Default as Countries Reach 130% Debt-to-GDP Rati

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In the last 120 years, when a country’s debt got really high, 98% of them ended up not being able to pay it back. Ken Griffin says the government can avoid this by printing more money, but it would mess up the economy really bad.

A simple solution could be for Congress to spend less, but that’s probably not going to happen. Brace for tough times ahead.

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Citadel’s Ken Griffin Warns the Current Fiscal Deficit Is Unsustainable, Inflation to Last Decades

Ken Griffin, Citadel’s founder, foresees a period of global unrest and structural shifts leading to de-globalization and persistently high inflation, potentially lasting decades. He argues this environment will exacerbate the cost of the U.S. deficit, already inflated by unchecked government spending. Griffin criticizes this spending as reckless and unsustainable, noting that despite a strong job market, there’s a pervasive unease among U.S. consumers. He cautions against the Federal Reserve’s potential strategy of printing money to forestall default, stating it would have catastrophic economic results, sending the economy into severe decline.

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