House Republicans Introduce Legislation to Prevent Ukraine From Stealing U.S. Taxpayer Dollars

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Oklahoma Republican Rep. Josh Brecheen introduced legislation Thursday morning to prevent Ukraine from stealing any money from the U.S. following a report about a Ukrainian official admitting that Ukraine is stealing money.

The Daily Caller first obtained a copy of the legislation, which is titled the Stop Stealing Like There’s No Tomorrow Act. The bill would specifically require both the Secretaries of State and Defense to report to Congress any Ukrainian government officials who have violated the End-Use Monitoring (EUM) agreements that were a prerequisite for Ukraine obtaining U.S. assistance.

The legislation also prevents any Ukrainian officials guilty of violating EUM agreements from receiving visas and entering the U.S., and revokes the visas of any said officials who currently possess them.

Time Magazine reported Oct. 30 that a top advisor to President Zelensky said, “People are stealing like no tomorrow,” when discussing internal corruption within the Ukrainian government.

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