JPMORGAN predicts a higher likelihood of a crisis in the next 6-12 months… BI: Americans can’t afford homes, investors aren’t buying property, and economists see little relief ahead.

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Rubino: 2024 might be 2008-level ugly

St Louis Fed Nowcast Q3 GDP Growth At -0.07% As M2 Money Growth Collapses

Bidenomics appears to be heading into a dark phase. The real-time GDP tracker from the St. Louis Fed, Nowcast, is projecting a -0.07% GDP for Q3, coinciding with a sharp decline in M2 money growth. However, if you’re looking for optimism, the Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow estimate, led by housing economist Raphael Bostic, paints a brighter picture with a Q3 GDP projection of 5.6%. The question on many minds is when the Federal Reserve will return to its days of low-interest rates.

Home Purchase Applications in the US Hit Lowest Point Since 1995

US home-purchase mortgage applications hit a 28-year low due to high mortgage rates. The 30-year fixed rate, at 7.21%, is near historic highs. Overall mortgage demand also fell to a nearly 27-year low, pushing housing affordability to its worst point in decades. High rates make homeownership less affordable, and low-rate holders are reluctant to sell, limiting supply and driving up prices. Until borrowing costs drop, the issue may persist, despite new construction. The Fed doesn’t seem to lower rates soon, aiming to curb inflation.

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