Biden’s ShamWow Economy! Real Home Price To Real Median Earnings Not As Bad As 2006’s Housing Bubble (Home Prices UP 32% Under Biden While Mortgage Rates UP 155%)

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by confoundedinterest17

You know Bidenomics isn’t working at all when the best I can say about it is … the current housing bubble isn’t as bad as the house price bubble of 2006. We are truly in Biden’s ShamWow economy!

Yes, if I look at real home prices less real median earnings we can see that the ratio, while terrible, is still not as bad as the housing bubble of 2006.

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If I look at Case-Shiller National home price index less REAL median earnings, it is now far worse than in 2006.

But home prices are still up 32% under Biden

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While the 30-year conforming mortgage rate is up 155% under Vacation Joe.

It should be GREEN ShamWow!. The money seems to be disappearing into the pockets of green energy donors, and Ukraine.


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