Yes, our ruling class is corrupt, dishonest, overweening, and incompetent…

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Pete Buttigieg is just a symptom of a vastly larger crisis. “Make a note of how they aren’t ‘advocating for a complete erasure of cars.’ Instead, they want the government to ‘re-direct the U.S. from relying on private motor vehicles.’ The word ‘private’ is doing a lot of heavy lifting in that sentence. In other words, they won’t be getting rid of all cars. Just your cars. Your private cars. Just like they won’t be getting rid of all planes. The military will still need jets (sold by the military-industrial complex and paid for by your taxpayer dollars). And important people like John Kerry will still need their private jets because they are very busy. But you don’t need to fly. . . . So Pete Buttigieg, who was given a position at the Department of Transportation based on nothing more than the claim that ‘he always liked cars,’ no longer wants you to have a car. But he’s going to have a car. And his preferred method of travel is via private jets now that he’s cashing in as a Washington insider with the Biden administration.”


See also  69% of single women voted for Biden, but they lack the intellectual capacity to make the connection between their vote for the corrupt, crony capitalist status quo, and the fact they keep losing economic ground while society breaks down around them
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