YouTube Just Demonetized Russel Brand’s Channel

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by Chris Black

Not sure when allegations – without any criminal charges – became the standard for punishing people.

I guess that change took place sometime in mid-2020.

Maybe we’re just noticing it now.

It’s strange, because now anyone who doesn’t like someone can destroy their life by accusing him of something.

It’s surprising YouTube didn’t just ban him outright.

They’ve been waiting to do that.

The Guardian:

YouTube has suspended Russell Brand’s ability to earn money on the platform following allegations of rape and sexual assault in a massive hit to his finances.

The video-sharing and social media site said it had suspended Brand’s channel from the YouTube partner programme after serious allegations against him, meaning his videos are no longer able to be monetised on the platform.

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The 48-year-old comedian and actor has been accused of rape, assault and emotional abuse between 2006 and 2013, when he was at the height of his fame working for the BBC, Channel 4 and starring in Hollywood films. He denies the allegations, saying all his relationships were consensual.

The Met police said on Monday they had received an allegation of sexual assault in Soho, central London, in 2003. The force added that as yet no investigation had been launched.

Whatever is going on with the Russel Brand story, one thing is certain: the entire thing is run by the mainstream media machine that is 100% in bed with the state. 

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It is therefore safe to assume that there is an agenda being pushed here and that any solutions offered will, again, be 100% under the purview of the state/media imperium. 

If any of them actually cared about the abuse of women and girls, then they have tens of thousands of cases to choose from, all, no doubt, far worse and more sordid than anything from the seedy world of showbiz. 

But now they have a White male to plaster across the front pages for the foreseeable future, while new regulations and laws are rushed in and imposed on all of us, as though we are all guilty of the putative crimes. 

The entire thing is top-down and made-to-measure for the regime’s narratives and agendas. 

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