Young People’s Celibacy on the Rise: What’s Behind the Trend?

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In recent years, there’s been a significant increase in celibacy among young people, particularly young men aged 18 to 30. This is a stark contrast to the late 2000s when the numbers were much lower, closer to 10%. Several factors seem to be contributing to this shift:

  1. Unappealing Hookup Culture: Hollywood’s hookup culture has lost its appeal to many, leading young men to seek more meaningful connections.
  2. Dating App Dynamics: Dating apps often favor female selection, making it challenging for some men to find suitable partners.
  3. Rise of Pornography: Easy access to explicit content online has made pornography a readily available alternative to physical intimacy.
  4. Influence of Woke Feminism: Some argue that woke feminism has created an atmosphere of toxic femininity, discouraging traditional masculinity.
  5. Concerns About Child Support: The potential risks associated with child support obligations may make some men wary of relationships.
  6. Devaluation of Male Leadership: Cultural shifts have led to the devaluation of traditional male leadership roles.
  7. Devaluation of the Family: There’s a perception that societal values have shifted away from prioritizing the family unit.
  8. Merit-Based Success: The deconstruction of merit-based success may be discouraging ambition among young men.
  9. Community Breakdown: Dissolved local community institutions and connections may contribute to a sense of isolation.
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These are just a few factors contributing to the phenomenon. Additionally, social media and the influence of money and older partners in partner selection are other aspects of this complex issue. Many young individuals are increasingly engaged in video games and adult content, which some argue is the result of social engineering efforts that aim to reshape societal structures. The consequences and implications of these trends are still unfolding.


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