The New York Times Turns on Zelensky, Claims Ukraine Faked Russian Attack on Civilians

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by Chris Black

This clown world is getting more retarded by the minute.


A New York Times investigation ‘strongly suggested’ on Monday that Ukrainian forces were responsible for a deadly missile strike at a Donbass market, on the day US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited the country.

The incident on September 6 in the Kiev-controlled Donbass city of Konstantinovka killed at least 15 civilians and injured scores of others.

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Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky immediately accused Russia of launching the strike and claimed that any “attempts to deal with anything Russian” meant turning a blind eye to “the audacity of evil.” Many Western media outlets and some governments endorsed his statement.

What the hell is going on with this simulation?

Can the devs do something about it?

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Seriously though, the NYT, which is basically the mouthpiece of ZOG, I mean of the US government, is accusing Zelensky of lying and killing his own civilians in a false flag operation to gain sympathy during a US official visit.

What even is this?

What does it mean? No more war with Russia?

I want my money back.

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