Warning: The car business is facing major League economic headwinds, car dealers are experiencing “died suddenly”

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This kind of business failure happens when things are collapsing. They may have had bank lines pulled. Who knows but larger businesses like this don’t usually go under so suddenly. The economy is on thin ice.

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Major Florida Car Dealer files Bankruptcy, abruptly fires 100’s of employees – closed due to unprecedented changes to the auto retail landscape

“A car dealership has closed its doors for good, citing unprecedented changes in the used car sales industry as the motivating factor behind the decision.

Off Lease Only, the Florida-based dealership chain, has filed for bankruptcy and fired all its employees.

A message on the company’s website explains that management is winding down operations and thanked customers for their years of patronage.

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Many former employees told local Fox affiliate WOFL that they received notice of their termination directly after a large company meeting on Wednesday.

The company boasted five locations across Florida, with over 500 vehicles available.

Some frustrated customers were forced to leave empty-handed after receiving the news of the sudden closure.”


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