The Sisyphus Economy! Top 1% Of Earners Gaining Wealth Relative To Middle Class Thanks To The Federal Reserve And Federal Government Policies (Top 1% Have More Wealth Than The Middle Class)

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by confoundedinterest17

According to mythology, Hades made King Sisyphus roll a huge boulder endlessly up a steep hill in Tartarus. Unfortunately, the modern day version of Sisyphus is the middle class pushing a boulder endlessly up a steep hill while the top 1% (the elite class) horde more and more wealth.

An example of the Sisyphus economy? The top 1% of earners (blue line) have seen an incredible increase in net worth, particularly after Fed Chair Alan Greenspan’s big rate cuts (green line) from 2000 to 2004. Each subsequent rate cuts under Bernanke (2007-2008) and Yellen (who just kept rates too low for too long). The end result? In the red box, the top 1% made out like bandits.

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The end result? The top 1% of earners now have more wealth the the middle class.

Of course, asinine Federal government policies (like open borders and making donors wealthy with green energy spending) and the lack of a serious approach to corruption have complicated matters.

So the working class, middle class and low wage workers, are the ones pushing the boulder up a hill while government insiders like Biden make millions through influence peddling. So, unlike the Sisyphus legend, the middle class and low wage workers are being punished by simply existing.

The Fed’s balance sheet has had a similar effect, particularly since the financial crisis of 2007-2008 when The Fed truly became unhinged under Janet Yellen. So of course, Yellen was made Secretary of Treasury, the largest honey pot in the world, so she could continue growing the elites power while minimizing the wealth of all others.

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Should we end The Fed? Of course! But we can’t even have a rational discussion on why we are funding a war in Ukraine (to protect their border?) while we leave our borders open to invasion?

Here is one of the 1% who made a fortune by simply having a big mouth and being in politics.


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