Groceries: Up, Up, Up! All Time High For 1 Week’s Worth

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by Moccasin Ranger

$100 used to be the total, when we really stocked up or picked some extras.

Prices started climbing and we trimmed the extras, it hit $120-130.

At $150 we started bitching.

A month ago it hit $180. Hell it may have only been two weeks since we hit $180.

Today it was $250 and we didn’t even get everything.

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All through the list above, we weren’t buying any meat except a pound of deli ham. We’ve been getting beef from a farm because grocery store meats are horrible.

My wife is a frugal shopper, she doesn’t just grab top brand stuff, if she knows where the price is lower she’ll wait and pick it up there. We don’t get a cart full of junk food, a bag of chips will go stale before they’re gone.

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Over the past two weeks I’ve noticed some hardware and building supplies have gone up sharply. I shouldn’t have waited. But the grocery bill this evening is the coup de grace.

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