It all began when George Soros spent over 4 Million to flip a judiciary seat…

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Soros-backed fund spends millions to turn Wisconsin Supreme Court liberal

A political committee backed by billionaire George Soros is spending millions of dollars to defeat the conservative candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, in hopes of placing Judge Janet Protasiewicz on the bench and flipping the court majority to the liberal side.

Next…with a 4-3 majority, they stripped power from the Supreme Court Chief Justice…

Wisconsin Supreme Court chief justice accuses liberal majority of staging a ‘coup’

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-they voted to weaken her powers
-they fired the director of state courts.
-the interim director Audrey started signing orders without her knowledge or approval.

Wisconsin Supreme Court judge who called voting maps ‘absolutely positively rigged’ won’t recuse from redistricting case despite impeachment threats

Then Protaziewicz, who during the campaign declared that voting maps ‘absolutely positively rigged’ REFUSED TO RECUSE HERSELF from the case about voting maps.

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Even though clearly being biased before the case began, they just dared the Republicans to impeach her.

Wisconsin governor signs new legislative maps into law in potential boost to Democrats

“The Legislature faces two choices,” State Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu, a Republican, said. “Either pass the governor’s maps as is or let the liberal majority of the Wisconsin Supreme Court gerrymander the status quo.”


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