The NAAIM Exposure Index dropped to 68.6 from 92.2, the sharpest decline since January.

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The NAAIM Exposure Index is a tool used to gauge the sentiment of active investment managers in the stock market towards US equities. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Source: The National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM) conducts a weekly survey among its members.
  • Data: NAAIM member firms, who are active money managers, report their overall exposure to the US stock market at the close of business on a specific day (usually Wednesdays). Responses range from:
    • 200% Leveraged Short (betting heavily against the market)
    • 100% Fully Short (betting against the market)
    • 0% Exposure (all cash or hedged to neutrality)
    • 100% Fully Invested (fully invested in long positions)
    • 200% Leveraged Long (betting heavily on the market)
  • Calculation: NAAIM tallies and averages the responses to provide a single index value reflecting the average level of bullishness or bearishness among surveyed managers.
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