Recession Warnings Intensify Amid Multiple Foreboding Indicators

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Is the current economic situation indicating that we’re experiencing a recession at this moment?

The harrowing sequence of consecutive declines in the Conference Board Leading Economic Indicators stands at an alarming 18, suggesting an ominous trajectory for the economy. Disturbingly, nearly half of recent homeowners reveal struggles in meeting mortgage obligations, attributing this challenge to soaring interest rates. Concurrently, the predictive yield curves ominously forecast another impending recession. This bleak forecast is echoed in the dwindling tax revenue, demonstrating a concerning decrease of around 5% in federal receipts since the early 1980s. These multiple, interwoven indicators signal a looming economic crisis.

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The yield curves are predicting recession again

Shaded bars = recession. Recession occurs after the yield curve un-inverts. What will the next recession be like?

Tax revenue declines flashing recession.

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