Obscure US water plant decides to not fluoridate water and dentists go berserk and meltdown at county hearing

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Like go to any store in the country and get toothpaste?

via wsoctv:

Union County commissioners are on the verge of prohibiting fluoride in the county’s water system. This will only apply to water treatment plants and systems that Union County owns and operates. That’s the Yadkin River Water Treatment plant, which is expected to come online in the coming months.

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During the Union County Commission meeting Monday night, dentists and dental professionals told county commissioners adding small levels of fluoride promotes healthy teeth and prevents decay.

“This is the single most effective way to treat tooth decay,” dentist Meg Lochary said.

Hundreds of millions of people in the US drink water containing fluoride every day. The American Academy of Pediatrics endorses it.

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“I cannot fathom why we want to reject the opinions of modern medicine,” a resident told commissioners.

“People deserve the best science has to offer,” said Mark Moss, an Eastern Carolina University professor of dentistry.

Despite the testimony of medical professionals, a group of concerned residents asked Union County commissioners to go against the science….



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