Denver is the next sanctuary city to reverse course. Boots out 800 illegal “families” from city shelters. Governor is busing them out of the state.

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800 migrant families being booted from Denver shelters as city nears breaking point

With overcrowded shelters and overrun hospitals, Denver state officials have begun enforcing a limit on the amount of time that migrants can stay in state-provided rooms to accommodate the daily influx of individuals, according to a report from NBC News.

As of last week, Denver was sheltering 3,813 people with more waves of illegal immigrants still descending on the city. Denver Mayor Mike Johnston, a Democrat, said the city is at full capacity.

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“We have filled every single hotel room that we have available in the city and county of Denver,” Johnston said during a town hall meeting last week.

I wonder, how many cities will it take before the FED enforces the border?

Disaster in the making.

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And now the governor is busing them out of the state and say it’s not the same as Abbot or DeSantis.

Colorado governor says his plan to bus migrants out of Denver is “night and day” compared with GOP governors


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