I really don’t think Democrats understand the Pandora’s Box they have opened up.

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by 2201992

No President has ever been indicted. Not even Nixon or Clinton. Clinton lied under Oath to Congress. The punishment was losing his Law License. For Nixon the punishment was resigning then being pardoned.

Why was Nixon pardoned? Because Democrats understood then that if they pursed Criminal Charges against Nixon that every future and past President can be indicted and arrested because the other side will be out for blood. Everyone knows dirty shit happens in politics. That’s why they didn’t charge Nixon. He’s just the one who got caught.

But with Trump Democrats hate him so much they have arrested him 4 times. No President has ever been arrested 1 time. And now it’s a multi State Campaign to both arrest and kick Trump off the ballot box despite not getting a single conviction on any of the Partisan Prosecutions.

The next Republican President under a Republican DOJ will be expected by Republican Voters to do the same thing to Joe and any past Presidents. Whether it’s Trump or Desantis who gets the nomination they will be expected to do the same thing to Joe and Kamala.

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And kicking Trump off the ballots in any State despite not being convicted on any crime is a great way to destroy the election process entirely. That’s a receipt for states to start Succeeding from the Union. And let’s say they do succeed in kicking Trump off the Ballot In State X or Y. What’s stopping Republican groups to use the same arguments that Democrats are using to kick Joe Biden off the Ballot in Red States?

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America is not a Heathy Democracy right now. As a citizen it really is crazy dangerous what’s happening. And Presidential Elections do start Civil Wars. The American Civil War was started because Democrats lost the 1860 Election to Republican President Abraham Lincoln.

Now that Presidents can be indicted at the State and Federal Levels Democrats have truly opened up Pandoras Box. Before no President has ever been indicted. Because they didn’t want the System they have built being used against them.

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