Illegal Aliens Say NYC Deployed Fire Alarm to Force Eviction From City-Run Shelter

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A video provided to Breitbart Texas by a Venezuelan migrant living in New York City shows hundreds of mostly male migrants staged outside a New York City-funded migrant shelter on Tuesday afternoon. The migrants said hundreds were evicted from the shelter after a fire alarm sounded, forcing the migrants to vacate the building in the Long Island City section of Queens.

The migrants can be seen moving around the building as a fire truck arrives. One migrant awaiting the disposition of his asylum case filmed the event while narrating and complained about personal property left inside the building. According to the source, several hundred migrants were offered bussing to alternative sites, including a soft-sided congregant migrant shelter. Others, the source says, were taken to a re-ticketing center in East Village and offered pre-paid airfare out of the city to a destination of their choice.

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As reported by Breitbart Texas, a major draw, according to recently arrived migrants, is the lucrative benefits provided by the city. One migrant Breitbart Texas spoke to currently receives health, vision, and dental insurance with no premiums or deductibles. Danny, who has left the city’s shelter system, easily found employment with a cleaning company despite having no legal authorization to work.

Breitbart Texas spoke to Danny regarding the latest evictions on Tuesday. Danny believes the prepaid plane tickets offered by the city to other destinations will have little impact on the situation as many of the migrants have no family support structure in the United States.

He added, “They are not going anywhere — like me — they left everything behind to get here. They are certainly not going back to Venezuela on their own, for what?”

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Breitbart Texas reached out to Mayor Eric Adams’ office and the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) for comment on the matter. A spokesperson for FDNY would neither confirm nor deny the allegations made by the migrants regarding the fire response to the shelter on Tuesday. The spokesperson’s response was limited to “City Hall is handling information regarding migrants.”


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