Down, Down, Down! Cost Of US Debt Surges As Federal Debt Hits $33.71 TRILLION And Unfunded Liabilities Hit $211 TRILLION (Livin’ La Vida Bidenomics!)

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by confoundedinterest17

The US economy is drowing in debt, going down, down, down.

US Federal debt just hit $33.71 TRILLION. And unfunded liabilities (promises from Uncle Spam) are now $211 TRILLION. That is 526% of the the current debt load. Which means either lots of additional debt, higher tax rates or cuts in entitlements.

The cost of US debt continues to soars as The Fed combats Bidenflation.

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But it isn’t just Federal government debt that is exploding under Bidenomics. Consumer credit card debt has exploded under Bidenomics as consumer struggle with inflation.

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Livin’ La Vida Biden! And Bidenomics!!!

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