A country that once limited how many kids families could have and terminated pregnancies of baby girls is now telling people to have more babies.

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Too little too late. China is in irreversible decline, and young people can’t afford to start families, so it doesn’t matter if they’re told it’s a “patriotic duty”, they won’t do it anyway.

Xi Jinping Tells Chinese Women to Get Married and Make Babies

Frustrated by his inability to counter China’s rapidly declining birthrate, dictator Xi Jinping abandoned his rhetorical commitment to “gender equality” at a meeting with the All-China Women’s Federation and told women to start getting married and having babies to secure China’s future.

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“It is necessary to guide women to play their unique role in carrying forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and establishing good family virtues to create a new trend of family civilization,” Xi said at the meeting in early November.

Only with harmonious families, good family education, and correct family traditions can children be raised and society develop in a healthy manner,” he contended.

Xi said his regime would “actively cultivate a new culture of marriage and child-bearing,” including more enthusiastic “guidance” for young people who do not grasp that marrying young and raising large families is part of their duty to the nation.

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To that end, Xi said the Chinese Communist Party will seek to “organize and motivate women to contribute their strength to Chinese modernization,” by which he meant motivating them to give birth to the generation that will do the modernizing.


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