I remember this happen in California back in 2008.

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Folks were walking away from their homes since your mortgage loan was guarantee\backed by the home itself.

The laws have changed since then.

93% of home buyers have regrets about purchasing a house in 2023.

While Americans are looking forward to the housing market reverting to pre-pandemic conditions in 2023, cooler real estate trends have yet to emerge consistently, which has resulted in many homebuyers overpaying, compromising and feeling pressured to buy.

According to a new study by Clever Real Estate, a whopping 93% of recent homebuyers and 95% of home sellers have regrets — up from 72% and 90% in 2022, respectively. A majority of Americans think it’s a bad time to sell a home (51%) and an even worse time to buy (53%).

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The survey, conducted April 12-13, 2023, polled 1,000 Americans who purchased or sold a home in 2022 and 2023 on their experience, previous homes sales and general views on buying and selling homes.


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