Yemen Denies False Accusations by U.S. Secretary of Defense; Blames West for Ignoring Houthi Warnings Amid Nuclear Deal Pursuit

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The Minister of Information in Yemen’s government refutes the U.S. Secretary of Defense’s claim that Yemen attacked commercial ships unrelated to Israel, dismissing it as pure slander. Accusing the U.S. of practicing deceit, the minister highlights American efforts to regain lost prestige through such allegations amid the ongoing crisis in Yemen.

In a separate development, Yemen’s Foreign Minister criticizes the U.S. and EU for prioritizing a nuclear deal with Iran over heeding repeated warnings about the security risks posed by Tehran-backed Houthi rebels. The foreign minister underscores Iran’s increasing influence in the Yemeni conflict and points out the deployment of elite Quds force members, associated with the late General Qassem Soleimani, to Yemen’s coastline. The Yemeni government calls for direct, effective, and sustainable steps to address the crisis and warns against provocative moves that may complicate the regional situation.

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