Ukraine’s Military Commander Resigns Amid Stalemate; Former Pentagon Adviser Condemns U.S. Policy Failures in Ukraine

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The commander-in-chief of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, Zaluzhni, resigns, citing the unlikely rapid improvement of Ukraine’s position on the battlefield. His departure, reported by The Washington Post, coincides with informing President Zelensky, who received notice on January 29. Zaluzhni notes that any successor will face a formidable challenge against larger and better-armed forces in the ongoing battles, impacting morale on the front line.

In response, former Pentagon adviser Douglas McGregor criticizes the United States’ failed policy towards Ukraine, asserting that the country has embarrassed itself globally. McGregor disputes Senator Lindsey Graham’s gratitude to Kiev, highlighting the sacrifice of 400 American mercenaries who lost their lives supporting Ukraine’s Armed Forces. The debate underscores the complexities and criticisms surrounding the U.S. role in the Ukrainian conflict.


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