Why is nobody in government taking inflation seriously?

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by physicgarden

I have a feeling something big is coming. The fact that so many people are having trouble affording food and gas right now is just absurd. Most people in the US are expected to run out of cash at the end of October. Interest rates may be hiked again on September 20th, inflation reports show inflation has risen again so it seems likely that rates with be increased…. and it seems the government has finally given up saying “people are flush with cash from the 2020 stimulus!” (Seriously can’t believe how long they’ve been saying this BS. As if $1200/600 lasts that long)

I mean, it’s happening at a time when the 2024 primary and presidential elections are coming up soon. I mean, an election during an economic downturn is going to be… interesting. But what shocks me at this point is that NOBODY seems to be talking, let alone protesting or trying to solve, the issue with rampant inflation. If things don’t improve for the average American in a few months when 2024 rolls around, I don’t see how this is going to get resolved without major issues.

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PS. I’m not Republican or Democrat, I honestly hate both parties. They keep stringing us along with promises yet things just get worse. I would love a political party that just focused on a good job market, low cost/universal health insurance, high corporate tax rate like the 1950s, and diplomacy with other countries rather than constant war. Everything else doesn’t matter much.

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