Why is Legacy Media Hyping Up “Russia Tactical Nuke” Threat?

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by Chris Black

Obviously, Russia would only start firing nukes if they thought the existence of Russia was being threatened.

They certainly wouldn’t do it when they’re in the middle of winning a war against America and Germany.

But hey – how about some unconfirmed and totally fake documents saying something totally different than that?

Would you like that, Fatmerica?


Russia’s threshold for using shorter-range tactical nuclear weapons may be lower than defense experts in the West believe, the Financial Times has claimed, cited purported Russian military documents.

The materials, which were allegedly presentations for Russian naval officers, discussed “operating principles” for the use of nuclear weapons, the FT reported. They were supposedly produced between 2008 and 2014 and shared with the British outlet by Western sources. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the newspaper that Russia “strongly doubts” the authenticity of the documents.

The documents also claim Putin’s Russia thinks they’re going to be invaded by China (???).

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This is all just dumb gibberish and vile gobbledygook.

The point is: the media is trying to get the idea of “Russia could use a nuke” out there as often as possible, because that is the only thing they could use to justify a NATO intervention of the Ukraine/Russia.

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