900k+ customers in California have no power…

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A Hurricane-Force Wind Warning Is Issued As A Monster Storm Begins To Dump 8 Trillion Gallons Of Rain On California

Okay, this is starting to get really weird.  First, we had a “thousand year storm” which caused catastrophic flooding in San Diego.  Subsequently, a “Pineapple Express” storm absolutely soaked the entire state on Wednesday and Thursday.  Now, a “bomb cyclone” is in the process of dumping 8 trillion gallons of rain on California over the course of approximately 48 hours.  We are being told that there will be “life threatening flooding” all over the state, and in the mountains there will be massive amounts of snow in some areas.  Do you remember when the state of California was hit by a series of devastating atmospheric rivers in December 2022 and January 2023?  Well, now it is happening again, and the storm that we are witnessing at this moment is being called a “monster”.  In fact, it is so large that 94 percent of the population of the state is at risk of experiencing life-threatening flooding…

A fierce winter storm fueled by a raging atmospheric river was thrashing Californians on Sunday with intense downpours, threatening treacherous flooding and hurricane-force winds − even in major urban areas.

Up to 37 million people, about 94% of the state’s population, were at risk for life-threatening floods from the storm, Accuweather meteorologists warned. The atmospheric river − like a river in the sky − is the second to pound the state in recent days, but forecasters said this storm would be the season’s most potent, particularly in Southern California.

In addition to staggering amounts of rain, this storm is also lashing the state with immensely powerful winds.

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It is being reported that the National Weather Service has actually issued “a rare hurricane-force wind warning for the Central Coast”

The National Weather Service issued a rare hurricane-force wind warning for the Central Coast: Wind gusts up to 92 mph were possible from the Monterey Peninsula to the northern section of San Luis Obispo County.

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