Stinchfield: The New Border Bill Is an Absolute Disaster [VIDEO]

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SUMMARY: Senate ‘Border Bill’ Has MASSIVE Handouts for Ukraine & Israel, Little for Border Security, and Authorizes MORE Migration
The “bipartisan” Senate border bill has been released. It includes whopping amounts of funding for Ukraine ($60bn+), Israel ($14bn+), and billions for “humanitarian assistance” around the world. Little, however, is delivered for actual U.S. border security in the $120bn+ bill, which also includes much in the way of assisting more migrants into the United States.

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The bill appears to “provide work authorization for an individual who is determined to be a child,” as well as lowering the restrictions in place for the hiring of new border enforcement agents and asylum processors. The bill would, for instance, remove polygraph screening for new candidates, as well as pay asylum handlers 15 percent extra.

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