VIDEO: Texas lawn worker uses weed eater to go after robbery suspects

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(They are stealing equipment from his truck in the upper right corner of the video)

HOUSTON — Robbery suspects in northwest Harris County messed with the wrong guy who used his weed trimmer to fight back.

Video shows the victim trimming a lawn Saturday afternoon (when) he spotted some men stealing equipment from his truck parked a few houses down.

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As the suspects drove past him, they tried to hit the victim with their car, Precinct 4 said. That’s when he threw his lawn tool at their windshield.

The victim then chased after the car but stopped when the driver pointed a gun at him.

One passenger fell out of the car as it drove off and landed in the street. He tried to stand up but kept falling back down as the victim threatened him with the weed trimmer.

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“The suspect, Jerell Alexander, received minor injuries from being struck and was later located at a local hospital,” Herman said. Alexander, 24, was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.


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