US housing market sees record supply disparity; global freeze grips Germany, France.

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Supply in the US housing market is in a state of disarray. New construction faces a daunting 9.1 months’ supply, while existing homes hover just under 4.0 months. With existing homes dominating 85% of transactions, the overall market is left with a fragile 4.3 months’ supply. This imbalance isn’t isolated to the US alone—across the Atlantic, in Germany and France, real estate markets have ground to a halt.

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In the past five years, even the wealthy are feeling the pinch. Many who invested in properties are now finding them unaffordable. This dire situation has forced more people to consider renting instead of owning. Looking forward, there’s a looming sense that housing inventories will surge dramatically over the next year, potentially reshaping the American housing landscape.

This signifies a critical juncture where the dream of homeownership is slipping out of reach for many. The impacts are widespread, affecting everyone from first-time buyers to seasoned investors. Challenges abound, from affordability crises to the broader economic implications of a volatile housing market.

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