Unconfirmed Report: Heavy US Bombers on Way to Mideast for Retaliatory Strikes. Iran Air Defenses on Full Alert

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#BREAKING: We might see six #USAF’s heavy bombers armed with cruise missiles participate in the retaliatory airstrikes at #IRGC of #Iran’s Islamic Regime & their proxies in just 15 hours from now. They can be B-52Hs of Barksdale/Minot AFBs or B-1Bs of Dyess AFB or a mixture of both.

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U.S. Defense and Intelligence Officials believe that the One-Way “Suicide” Drone Attack which was launched last night by Iranian-Backed Forces against the Al-Tanf Military Base in Southern Syria and the Tower 22 Patrol and Operations Base in Northeastern Jordan, originated from or near Imam Ali Military Base, a Iranian Base near the Town of Abu Kamal in Southern Syria which is operated by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran alongside several Iranian-Back Militias including Kata’ib Hezbollah.

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