Tucker Carlson: “F***ing lunatics.”

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In a scathing critique, Tucker Carlson, former Fox News host, didn’t mince words as he lambasted Republican lawmakers advocating for a bombing response against Iran. The calls for military action came in the aftermath of a drone attack on a US base in Jordan, claiming three lives and injuring at least 25 American troops.

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GOP erupts at Biden, calls for retaliation against Iran after death of 3 US soldiers in drone strike: ‘Hit them hard’

A slew of Republican pols Sunday quickly called on President Biden to retaliate against Iran after three US service members were killed and 34 others wounded in an attack by Iranian-backed militants in Jordan.

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“Hit Iran now. Hit them hard,” wrote Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), well-known for his hawkish views, on X.

“When the Biden Administration says ‘don’t’, the Iranians ‘do’. The Biden Administration’s rhetoric is falling on deaf ears in Iran,” Graham said.

“Iran is undeterred,” he said. “The only thing the Iranian regime understands is force. Until they pay a price with their infrastructure and their personnel, the attacks on U.S. troops will continue.”


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