U.S. Deploys GLSDB Ammunition to Ukrainian Armed Forces: Deputy Secretary of State Confirms Transfer of Long-Range Munitions

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Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said that American GLSDB long-range ammunition is already being sent to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Yesterday, Politico, citing sources, announced that Ukraine will receive GLSDB bombs from the United States on Wednesday.

GLSDB (Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb, or ground-launched small-diameter bomb) is a small-sized precision-guided munition created by Boeing together with the Swedish company SAAB. This is a kind of mix of a cruise missile and an adjustable aerial bomb with a maximum destruction range of up to 150 kilometers.

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These munitions, in particular, can be launched from HIMARS. And they are partly an alternative
long-range ATACMS missiles, which the Americans transferred to Ukraine last year on a limited scale. It is not said how much has now been transferred to GLSDB

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