Farmers in Revolt: Bonfires in France, Eggs in Brussels… The Unraveling Protest Against Climate Policies and the Battle for Agriculture’s Future

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In a defiant act against environmentalist policies perceived as threatening their livelihoods, French farmers are setting huge piles of tires ablaze in the streets—a fiery protest challenging those they see as putting them out of business. Chaos reigns in Brussels as farmers hurl eggs at the European Parliament building, creating bonfires that echo their frustration.

As roads across France face blockades by protesting farmers, a contrasting scene unfolds in Sweden, where President Macron and his wife enjoy a “lavish gala dinner” at Stockholm Palace. The stark disparity between political elites and those on the front lines of agriculture underlines the growing tension between farmers and policymakers.

Hungarian leader Orban, conversing with protesting farmers in Brussels, advocates for change in leadership, asserting that the only way out is through the upcoming European Parliament elections. Heroic farmers from Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, and Poland unite against what they perceive as insane Climate Net Zero Legislation, designed to bankrupt them and facilitate land seizure as part of the 2030 Agenda.

This global protest reflects a shared sentiment among farmers worldwide—that they are standing as the bulwark against the implementation of Agenda 2030. In the eyes of these farmers, the fight is not just about their livelihoods but a battle to safeguard the food supply, pushing back against what they term “Climate Communism in action.” As the conflict intensifies, farmers unite, making it clear that they prioritize their communities and the land they cultivate over the interests of what they perceive as corrupt politicians.

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