Top 1% Now Have Higher Share Of Household Wealth Than Entire Middle Class (Struggling Households At 46%)

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by confoundedinterest17

Now you know why Joe Biden has fund raisers in Hollywood and New York where the elites (the top 1%) live. Biden is the President of The Elites, not the middle class.

How bad it is? The top 1% now have more household wealth than the entire middle class. Note that the recent surge occurred under Trump, but Biden is doing nothing about it.

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Further evidence? 46% of households are struggling.

In terms of housing prices, home prices are growing FASTER than average hourly earnings. Again!

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Politicians. You can’t trust ANY of them with our money. Or a cookout.

Here is New Yprk Senator Chuck Schumer posing as a middle class American cooking gray hamburgers at super low heat with cheese on top of raw meat. What a fraud!

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