The threat of inflation looms over the economy, echoing ’70s stagflation with warning signs flashing in markets.

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Hold onto your wallets, folks, because a storm of inflation might be brewing, and history warns us it can be a financial tempest! Inflation doesn’t just knock once – it comes in waves, and if the Fed doesn’t stomp it out decisively, we might be in for a bumpy ride reminiscent of the ’70s.

Flashback to Fed Chair Arthur Burns in the ’70s who, some argue, didn’t take inflation seriously enough. The result? The market dropped a whopping 50% in 1973/74 when the Consumer Price Index (CPI) started its ominous spike.

Fast forward to today, and JP Morgan strategist Marko Kolanovic is sounding the alarm bells, suggesting a déjà vu scenario of 1970s-style stagflation hitting the U.S. economy. As if that weren’t enough, financial guru Peter Schiff adds his voice to the chorus, pointing out that while investors prematurely celebrate the death of inflation, oil prices are quietly surging, up 10% this year, with a larger rise looming. Bonds are slyly breaking down, and gold seems poised to break out – all ominous signs that inflation may be very much alive and kicking.

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And here’s a nugget to fuel the inflation fears further – Massachusetts is reportedly shelling out $64 a day to feed each migrant, with projections indicating a staggering $1 billion expenditure by 2025. Brace yourselves, as this spending spree could add fuel to the inflation fire.

In conclusion, the specter of inflation is lingering, and the signs are flashing ominously on various financial fronts. So, as we navigate these uncertain economic waters, keep a close eye on your finances – because the storm might be closer than we think!


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