The quality of the movies, music and culture in general is going down

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by bobtowne

What happened to journalism also happened to the entertainment industry in general.

The corporate globalist power order began to unveil itself and journalism and entertainment were tasked with creating propaganda to support it. Sincere artists aren’t necessarily suited for, or inclined towards, propaganda creation and so opportunities were created for those willing to shoehorn certain types of messaging into things.

The move towards making entertainment more loaded with messaging was paired with the promotion of infantilization. Those who feel more child-like are less likely likely to create families or challenge authority. And thus we got a glut of superhero/supernatural content and adult cartoons, adult coloring books, “flat design”, etc.

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Given the ambitions of the corporate globalist power order they are going to need to keep making propaganda, so expect things not to improve anytime soon. But that’s going to be the least of our worries as this, and the next couple of decades, play out.

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