Today the UN will publish its next draft of a bill which will remove all your rights to privacy

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by UniversalSurvivalist

UN – CYBER CRIME TREATY. Today, state representatives will meet in New York to discuss the draft text of the convention, which is the basis for the final treaty. Negotiations will continue into early 2024, with the aim of adopting the treaty during the UN General Assembly in September 2024 (Just in time for the implementation of CBDC’s in 2025).

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Today they published its next draft of a bill which will remove all your rights to privacy. Including:

▪️Restriction of free speech globally

▪️Criminalising protected speech

▪️Mandates governments to authorise “special spying” techniques

▪️Turns protest & questioning into terrorism

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▪️Allows government to listen in on all devices.

It only needs a 2/3rd majority to pass into laws that your country must then obey. The beginning of Gestapo style arrests! World wide Communism. Next the Gulags.

You have to love how they think this “bolsters human rights”.

Orwellian doublespeak.

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