Current Lahaina populaton data GONE from US Census Quickfacts website.. Replaced by an X

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The Census has an easily accessible program called QuickFacts that gives a snapshot of cities, towns, etc with lots of data.

Most importantly, it gives the population. As of 2022.

Since much of the subsequent info QuickFacts provides will be in percentages, the current or most recent population number is important.

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It’s gone for Lahaina.

I realize the imgur below is hard to read.
Here is a link as well:,US/POP010220

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what’s insane is that the Imgur made earlier today shows only x in the 2022 population area, but the above link –

now shows population data from 2020 now… sneaky.

Some links to show you what the data looks like for non-microwaved areas of the United States:

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Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio –

Pittsburgh, PA-

current population – before the attack – for Lahaina was


Boy they don’t want this out there

h/t beeches

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