The Federal Reserve has incurred staggering losses of $170 billion while propping up Wall Street since 2023.

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In a seismic revelation that has shaken the foundations of financial stability, the Federal Reserve has hemorrhaged a staggering $170 billion while propping up Wall Street since 2023. If you had losses like these at your job, you’d be fired. But these aren’t your losses—these are the Fed’s.

The sheer magnitude of these losses defies comprehension. As inflation skyrockets and the markets soar to unprecedented heights, everyday essentials like a box of cereal now cost a jaw-dropping $10. The disconnect between Wall Street’s gains and Main Street’s struggles has never been starker.

It’s even more baffling considering the Fed employs a battalion of 400 PhD economists. Yet, collectively, they managed to lose $170 billion—equivalent to a staggering $425 million per economist.

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As the dust settles on this financial debacle, questions abound. Why has the Fed’s intervention failed to yield positive results? What repercussions will these losses have on the economy and the average American?

But perhaps the most pressing question of all is: What now? Will the Fed double down on its risky strategies, or will it heed the call for accountability and reform?

In the wake of this crisis, one thing is abundantly clear: the Fed’s losses are not just numbers on a balance sheet—they’re a stark reminder of the systemic flaws plaguing our financial institutions.

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If you had losses like these at your job, you’d be fired. Fortunately, these aren’t your losses – they’re the Fed’s. The Fed has lost $170,000,000,000 pumping up Wall Street casinos since 2023.

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