The Entire Stock Market is a Huge Scam

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by Chris Black

You can’t own a slice of a stock.

ETFs don’t grant ownership of anything.

When an online Fintech says you own a piece of Bitcoin, you really don’t.

A real share of stock requires signatures to transfer ownership.

All the day trading high frequency BS is just unregistered trades to influence the price of a real asset.

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It would take humans a few hundred thousand years to actually clear just the last three years worth of high frequency trades.

Nobody actually keeps a hypothecated share long enough to give enough time to transfer ownership.

Essentially your brokerage account is just a Ponzi using other people’s cash to pay you an IOU.

None of this is real.

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That is why when the music stops, nobody gets paid.

The real money doesn’t exist to make 1% of the “investors” whole.

If everyone decided to cash out of NVIDIA, where does the $2 trillion come from to pay for the shares?

Let alone the near $8 trillion to cash out Apple, Microsoft, and Google.

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