Only 1 in 10 Europeans Believe The Ukraine Will Win

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by Chris Black

Who are the 10% of people who believe the Ukraine can win a war with Russia?

I guess we should be celebrating – two years ago, a majority thought this was a reasonable proposition.

It was always very incredible to me. I kept saying “bro, have you seen a map? Russia is like, a lot bigger than the Ukraine.”

I don’t think people are aware of maps and sizes and numbers and such.

The whole thing was a mess. These government people were just spewing the most absurd nonsense I’ve heard since the tranny thing.

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If it’s not going to end in a Ukraine victory, then why are these countries still supporting the war?

Do they just like dying?

Is it really just about a few more billion to the arms industry?

Doesn’t defeat just get more humiliating the longer this goes on?


While a majority of Europeans support Ukraine in its war against Russia, only one in 10 believe Ukraine can win, according to a survey by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), with a majority believing that a “compromise solution” is needed to end the conflict.

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The responses come from 17,023 respondents to an online survey in 12 European Union countries conducted in January. The researchers say the pessimistic outlook is largely due to the political situation in the United States, where talks on a new aid package for Ukraine are stalled in Congress and former President Donald Trump is seeking a comeback based in part on a pledge to withdraw military aid to Kyiv.

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