The credit market is going to blow up

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When the yield on corporate bonds gets close to the yield on treasuries, it can signal that investors are choosing the safer treasuries over corporate bonds. This shift suggests that investors are favoring the lower-risk treasuries, leading to less investment in corporate bonds.

Businesses often use bonds to raise capital for various activities like expansion, operations, or projects. If investors are favoring treasuries over corporate bonds, it becomes harder for businesses to attract investment through the bond market. This preference can limit or even reduce the funding options for businesses, potentially affecting their growth, financial activities, or future projects.

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Back In Red? Bank Credit Growth Negative For 15th Straight Week, Savings Growth (As % Of Gross National Income) Negative For Last Two Quarters As Bitcoin Soars (Biden Wants 4 More Years To “Finish The Job”!)

To paraphrase AC/DC, the US consumer is “back in red.”

On a amusing or sad note, Biden campaign communications director Michael Tyler’s message to Americans who are worse off economically under Biden: “That’s precisely why we need another four years to finish the job.” OMG! What does “finish the job” mean?? I am afraid to ask.

Where we currently sit is … bank credit growth is in the red (15th straight week of negative growth) and net savings as a percentage of gross national income has seen negative growth YoY for 2 consequtive quarters.

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September marked the largest consumer credit drop since May 2020, signaling a significant recession warning.

And with Bidenflation (or Yellenflation) and The Fed’s counterattack, we are seeing bank stocks losing relative to the tech sector.

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