The Comedy of Money Printing in the US Since 2001

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The Dot Com and 9-11 crisis….. the Housing crisis…. the Coronavirus crisis…. what will be the Next Major crisis.

When you look at the statistics, after every crisis the wealthy come out even wealthier.

While middle and lower class stagnate or lose and need years to come back to where they were before.

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Government interventions help with that, because the super rich can benefit the most from lower taxes (because they own businesses) or money printing (goes through the financial system and the richer you are the more credit you get).

That’s not to say the rich wouldn’t find a way to come out on top if governments wouldn’t print money and use fiscal stimuli. In the end it’s simple power play, the more levers you can pull the higher the likelihood you land on your feet.

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But it surely accelerates the wealth concentration process by a lot.

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