South Korean Company to Pay Employees $75,000 Every Time They Have a Baby

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by Chris Black

South Koreans were not brainwashed with global warming propaganda, yet their birthrate fell the lowest in all developed countries.


The truth is that the birthrate drop in Western/Westernized countries is not because of the global warming propaganda, but is due to women’s liberation, specifically birth control pills (and abortion).

Koreans don’t have anti-natal propaganda, but they do have women’s liberation, and their birthrate is the worst.

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A South Korean company is ready to pay millions of dollars to help fix the country’s abysmally low birth rate.

Booyoung Group, a construction firm based in Seoul, plans to pay employees 100 million Korean won ($75,000) each time they have a baby, it said in a press release Monday. It will also pay a total of 7 billion Korean won ($5.25 million) in cash to employees who have had 70 babies since 2021, the company added.

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The benefit is available to men and women, a company spokesperson told CNN.

At 0.78 in 2022, South Korea has the world’s lowest fertility rate — which indicates the average number of children a woman will have in her lifetime — and that ratio is expected to drop further to 0.65 in 2025, according to official forecasts from Statistics Korea.

It’s nice that Korea is willing to pay women to breed.

It probably won’t do anything, but it’s a nice gesture.

In America and Europe, we just get scolded for not breeding and then told we have to be flooded with immigrants.

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