‘Sleeper cells in almost every American urban area’

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Every day, prominent voices sound an ever-more-urgent alarm over the Biden administration’s border policies and the multiple threats to the nation’s security they are causing.

* In late June, Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, sent a letter to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas concerned about the poor vetting procedures of Afghans by the Biden administration.

* Around the same time, U.S. officials claimed there was no imminent threat to the homeland from eight men from Tajikistan residing in Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia, even though sources said the individuals have ties to ISIS.

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* Earlier in June, the Daily Caller reported that a Chinese government agent ran a private social network to provide thousands of illegal immigrants with resources to enter the U.S. and evade authorities at the border.


Although “most are likely here for economic reasons,” he said, “there are undoubtedly a significant number of bad actors that have been given a free pass to create sleeper cells in almost every American urban area.”

Example: “Because there are tens of thousands of Chinese nationals, hundreds on the terror watch list, and millions of unvetted individuals scattered across the country,” warns Varlese, “it is not a question of if something bad will happen, but when.”

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“Similarly,” Varlese told WND, “individuals from Iran and Venezuela, as well as other bad actors connected to the Taliban, Al-Qaida and Da’esh (Islamic State/ISIS) have infiltrated the U.S. and could cause no end of havoc domestically.”


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