Saudi Arabia is killing Citizens who refuse eviction in the path of their futuristic city (NEOM) that wont require nor allow vehicles

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Saudi Arabia is killing citizens who refuse to move out of the eviction path they are clearing for their futuristic city.

this is the model for the rest of us, so pay attention.

“Whoever continues to resist [eviction] should be killed, so it licensed the use of lethal force against whoever stayed in their home,” Alenezi told the BBC.

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That is amazing.

“Multiple villages have already been torn down in pursuit of furthering the Neom project, an eco-friendly urban development program heavily funded by Western nations.

The West is paying for this. They are doing the same thing in south america in the UNESCO zones that have magically “burned down”. the planned replacements are the same concept as this. 15 minute, vehicle-less cities.

We are 3 minutes from the FJ Biden Socialist Administration declaring the same.

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“A main pillar of the Neom project is “The Line,” a proposed eco-city without the need of automotive vehicles.

The 106-mile metropolis will be arranged in the titular “line” layout with public transportation allowing quick travel through the skinny urban area.”

basically, they are getting a monorail. the simpsons call it again!


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