HOA sells home for mere $3.25 after thousands spent fighting fees.

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Anyone who buys a home in an HOA isn’t the brightest crayon in the box .

It’s rare a homeowner wins against them. attorney will tell you this. Their contracts are iron clad.

“My home was sold for $3.25 against my will even after I paid off $800 debt – I ended up with $10,000 bill and no house”

A HOMEOWNER paid thousands of dollars to try and keep her home and it was still sold at foreclosure for just a few bucks.

“It’s totally insane,” Tricia Quigley, a former Cherokee County homeowner, told WSB-TV.

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“It’s totally insane.”

She found out how an HOA can snatch your home from right under you the hard way.

Quigley’s home of 18 years was sold at foreclosure for less than the average price of gas in the US.

As of today, the average regular gas cost for a gallon is $3.64, according to the AAA.

“It went for $3.25,” Quigley stated.

When she owned the home, she said she did not pay two of her biannual homeowner association dues.

The payments were a total of $800 but ended up putting out even more as a result.

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Quigley paid over $10,000 trying to get right with the HOA.

Despite her efforts, the late fees and attorney fees kept growing.

“I kept thinking I paid all this money; how come it’s not stopping,” she said.

A big part of the costs came down to attorney fees.

Everything she did in connection to the case increased the bill, including sending emails.

Every attempt to contest, fix, or even pay the overdue bill affected the cost of fees running up to the thousands.


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