Russia masses 500,000 troops

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UKRAINE’S generals warned they have run out of reserves to halt Russia’s shock assault on Kharkiv.

It comes as Vladimir Putin masses more than half a million troops on the frontline in a bid to overpower Ukraine’s forces.

Ukraine’s military has admitted it is struggling to contain the advance in the north east of the country.

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General Kyrylo Budanov, boss of Kyiv’s military intelligence said: “I’ve used everything we have.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone else in the reserves.”

Putin’s troops have seized miles of ground in their fastest advances in months.

The blitz, said to be the first stage of Russia’s summer offensive, is designed to stretch Ukraine’s already outnumbered defenders.

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Kyiv said the Russian push appeared to have run out of steam last night — but, in the face of Putin’s 500,000-strong force, warned that could change quickly.

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