McDonald’s is getting rid of free drink refills. Americans devestated.

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Empty cups and empty hearts.

McDonald’s customers are bidding a bitter farewell to free drink refills, one of the latest casualties from the brand already facing an identity crisis over extreme prices.

A recent customer in Pittsburgh told that their local location began charging patrons for drink re-ups, something once a given for free throughout fast-food franchises.

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“What is the world coming to?” a shocked man recently wrote on X.

Last year, it was reported that Mickey D’s was gradually phasing out its self-serve soda fountains for dine-in customers by the year 2032.

However, a company rep told Business Insider at the time that charging for refills would be left “at the discretion of individual restaurant owner/operators.”

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They just keep digging the hole deeper.
Nobody is going to eat at Mc Donald’s at $20 a combo meal and no refill.

No sweat off my back, I don’t like Mc Donald’s anyway.
For less than Mc Donald’s prices, I can get a Texas Roadhouse All American Cheeseburger if I want to eat out.

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